Basic Stats

These are the high-level T20 stats for grounds around the world regular users of Find The Edge Betting will be used to. These always have, and always will be, free to everyone.

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Premium Stats

These T20 stats ground reports delve into more detail on past trends, giving you even more of an edge when betting. Content covered includes breaking down stats by season, a full dot-plot of first innings totals, colour-coded by winning or losing scores, and much more. These are available on a subscription basis at just £15 a month, £150 a year, or for £500 for a Lifetime subscription. The links below are for payments made through Paypal, to enquire about alternative payment methods please email Free subscriptions offer access to selected premium pages for users who register with Find the Edge Betting.

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Full Access

I'm opening up access to the full set of underlying data. This includes records on over 1,250 T20 matches from around the globe. With this you can run your own set of queries, looking at anything you want to from any sub-set of the data. There's also the option, as the data can be delivered as a .csv file, to use this with programming languages such as R. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for predictive analysis, and even automated trading. For further info on what's included, pricing, and to request access, email

Custom Reports

Any users with specific questions they want answered can commission a custom report. This will be fully specced out and finalised with me, before being delivered in-line with an agreed timetable. As I build a larger archive of these custom reports, I'll open up access to the archive. To discuss your custom report requirements and pricing, email


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